2017 – The Planners

I started 2017 in my Filofax Malden. I love my Malden, but there are two problems with ringed planners for me:

  1. The rings get in the way when I’m writing.
  2. I will stuff EVERYTHING in there, to the point where it weighs a ton.

I can combat the first problem by using an A5, but it doubles the second problem.

Now I’m not saying that these planners are bad. I’ve worshipped at the altar of Filofax for far too long for that. I will always love them. However, they just weren’t really working for me. I’d never switched to a bound diary because I I loved the flexibility of rings and inserts. I was seeing more and more people in the planner community switching to a Bullet Journal and I quite liked the idea, but my love for my purple Malden made it difficult for me to change over. Instead, I changed my inserts to week on one page and bought a Bullet Journal from the website. Anything I gained weight wise from cutting down on my inserts, I lost by carrying another notebook. By doing this I soon realised that what I needed was a book for lists. My planner has always been about getting my shit together. I just don’t have time for decorating and – if I’m honest – as much as I love looking at other people’s decorated pages, It’s not for me. I like a clean layout. I was always the same with my Filofax. It’s purely functional. Most of the time anyway.

I’ve always tended to put a blank sheet in between the week on two pages sheets and that would give me somewhere to list all my things to do. I’m one of those people who is just incapable of remembering my tasks – until 3 am of course. Everything is clear at 3 am. So, I’ve always kept lists. Lists on Post-It Notes, lists in notepads, lists in my planner. The difference with BuJo is that all my lists are in one place and if they’re not just daily lists, maybe for something which will take a little planning, then they are indexed so that I can find them again when I need them. This works perfectly for me. Using the key so that I can migrate tasks rather than just crossing them off (or not) is also perfect for me.

After a month or two I left my Malden on the shelf and started to carry my BuJo on its own.


It’s not all perfect. The same basic problem I’ve always had, no matter which planner I’ve been using at the time is the fact that if I open the planner to check a date, everything is there for a nosey person to have a read of whilst I check whether I’m free a week next Tuesday.

I’ve solved the problem. I carry a small Leuchtturm weekly & notebook planner. It has plenty of room to write down appointments, shifts and events and the note page gives me room to add the odd note to add to my BuJo if I’m not carrying it at the time. I always thought that to find planner peace I would need to only carry one planner, but it turns out that, for me, the flexibility of two books is just right.



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