Day Per Page

I’ve always been a ‘week per view’ kind of girl. I briefly tried ‘week on one page with notes’ this year, but although I could make it work for me, it didn’t please me at all. The last couple of months, I’ve been writing more down than ever before, I’m trying to keep myself on track and it’s great to be able to look back and see where my time has gone. I need to be able to see at a glance when the last time was that I spent some time on myself. not just zoning out for a few hours and achieving nothing, I’ve done my fair share of that as well and more detailed planning helps me to avoid it.

I started this year with two best friends and now I only have one. My poor darling took her own life and it has hit me hard. The main effect has been that I lost my motivation. I’m finding that with ‘day per page’ I can list absolutely everything I want to achieve in a day. Everything from important appointments at one of the scale to the time I want to sit down and read my book. Antoinette was a proud Filofax owner too, in fact, it was one of the reasons we bonded so quickly when we first met, way back before ‘planner girls’ existed and we were more likely to be laughed at and likened to Del Boy. We would get excited in mid December when it was time to buy new inserts and email each other photos of our fresh new diaries on New Year’s Day.

So anyway, here I am listing every little job around the house, visits to the bookshop, whether I want to knit whilst watching the telly or read a chapter or two alongside work projects and college assignments. It works for me though. I’m taking it day by day and writing it down hour by hour. I’m balancing my time between what I need and what has to be done. I always loved my Filofax anyway, but it has been a Godsend.

Colour coding is great for me too. I either write with my Coleto so I can tell at a glance whether something is work, something that I need to do for someone else or something that I am doing because I want to, just for me or I highlight afterwards. I didn’t realise how much time I spend running around after other people and how little time I spend doing the things I love.

You may have never colour coded. I would challenge you to give it a go. See how your work/life balance really stacks up. We all need to make sure we have enough downtime.




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