Monday Night

I’m sitting, curled up on the sofa, surrounded by highlighters, planning my week. Migrating the jobs I didn’t get round to today and trying to remember all the things I was supposed to write down and didn’t.

Why didn’t things get done? Because I didn’t check my planner properly today.

Why didn’t things get written down? Because I went out for a while without my planner.

I am absolutely useless without my Filofax and I really should know better, yet every now and again I’ll have a day or maybe more where I rebel against it. These days are the planner version of ‘Hold my beer’, except that we say things like ‘It’ll be fine! I’ll just remember and write things down when I get back!’.

‘It’ll be fine! I’ll just remember and write things down when I get back!’.

I’ll give you tip:

No, we won’t bloody remember and therefore writing it down later is a laughable concept at best.

On the plus side, this catch-up session is distracting me from Mr Moo’s Wheeler Dealers and Salvage Hunters marathon. I’m still baffled by the unwritten rule that says ‘Man shall have custody of the doofer* at all times that he is within line of sight of the telly’, but it does seem to be rule of law, so far be it from me to argue.


On a more related note, I have discovered Jinhao pens and my new 599 fountain pen is all I have used since it arrived. £3.99 for goodness sake! And it comes with a converter so you can use your favourite ink. I’m currently using Kaweco cartridges in Smokey grey. I don’t usually use a fountain pen in my Filofax the ink bleeds through, but this pen and ink combination is working perfectly, I don’t even have any ghosting on the back of the page, so I’m outrageously delighted with my new find.

Speaking of new things, I’m starting a new business and therefore having to rethink how much space I give to each day in my planner. I may try ‘Day to a page’, so I wanted to ask anyone who uses those and reads this; How many days pages do you have in advance and how many do you keep after they’re done? Do you use a weekly spread as well? Or just monthly?

Thanks in advance 🙂








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