The Trouble With YouTube

Apart from the obvious tendency to fall down the rabbit hole of videos and lose three (or more) hours of your day is that it can make you feel quite inadequate when it comes to anything creative it can also make you feel that there is only one way, a right way, to do things.

Artwork by Kerry @ Kerrymay Makes. Click on the pic to visit her site.

Watching someone else do things that you believe you cannot do when you would dearly love to is heartbreaking. However, this thinking has one fatal flaw. You can do it, you just need practice. I really need to remember this when it comes to my lettering, I tend to give up quite quickly when I see my efforts compared to (what seems like) everyone else in the entire world.

However, my main point here is that your BuJo doesn’t have to look like it belongs to someone with an art degree. Simple is good. You don’t see Ryder Carroll drawing pumpkins in his journal!

The biggest problem I have with all the decorationg is that it is far too time consuming, therefore I don’t update my BuJo at all. I put it off. It becomes a chore. I start to feel like I need to plan my planning and that’s no good for me. I find layouts too restrictive, my daily is planned daily and it takes up as much room as it needs, no more no less. I will share some pictures in my next post. At least then if you’re like me, you’ll know you’re not the only one.

Having said all this, I still love to spend my free time watching other people create beautiful, artistic layouts and on that note, I’m off for a nosey on YouTube.






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